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    Updated On: Jan 07, 2011
    The true power of UnionActive is the ability to network UnionActive based websites together, forming an even larger communication network. For example, state associations can start a UnionActive network that includes all the state locals that join the UnionActive system. Once a network is setup, the state or main website of the network will have access to special tools for communicating through the network:

    * Send broadcast emails to every registered member in the network of websites

    * Download a database of all registered network website members

    * Display news feeds that contain current news from all websites in the network

    * View websites in the network

    * Special discount pricing for websites that join your network (up to 50% off the setup prices!)

    So much more is possible once a UnionActive network is setup. Imagine the power of having all your local or individual unit websites connected together into one communications system. Connect message boards, blogs, photo galleries, download areas, or any other feature in the system to create the ultimate online communication and sharing system.

    Best of all, starting a UnionActive network is EASY! All you have to do is purchase your own UnionActive website and have us set it up as the main website of the network. Then, just spread the word! Tell all your locals or units about the network, encourage them to join, or setup the new sites for them on your own. The more sites that join, the larger your network communication system will become.

    Any organization that joins your network will also receive special discount pricing, so its a great way to save your organizations money as well.

    Contact us for more information about starting your own UnionActive network.

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    Start a UnionActive Network
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