The UnionActive Website and Communications System

The UnionActive™ website system is the ultimate tool for Union organizations to maintain a professional web presence with real time updates and powerful membership communication tools.

* 100% Union Made by

* Complete Content Management System

* Integrated Secure Member Access

* Powerful Communications Tools

* Streaming and Video on Demand

* Feature Packed with Built-in Functions

* Fully Customizable          Find out more!

Powerful Website Content Management Tools

With UnionActive you can make changes to your website without any HTML knowledge or programs, all you need is an internet browser.

Making changes to the website is as easy as logging into the website and clicking a few buttons.

* Extensive content management controls and features

* Publish and edit content on the fly

* Easily keep your website updated and current

* Allow multiple editors with specific editing access

* Make changes from any computer or location

Request a full administrator demo

Highly Secure Members Only Features and Content

The UnionActive system features integrated members only access and the ability to provide content that is secured from public access.

With powerful permission tools you can control exactly who has access to various parts of the website.

* Secure Members Only Access

* Integrated Resource Groups

* Role Based Permissions and Granular Access Controls

* Secure Executive Board Only Area

* Extensive Membership Database Management Tools


Extensive Communication Tools and Messaging Systems

UnionActive features an extensive array of communication tools including email and text message broadcasting, message boards, blogs, and more.

* Targeted Email Broadcasting to Registered Members

* Text Message Broadcasting

* Robust List Server Options

* Member Message Boards

* Editor Blogs

* Email and Web Messaging

View Full Feature List

Video on Demand Streaming

The UnionActive system includes integrated video on demand (VOD) streaming and live webcasting.

With VOD you can upload videos to our media servers and stream them from the website.

* Integrated Streaming Video On Demand

* Upload and Stream Large Video Files

* Provide Members Only Video Access

* Embed Videos Anywhere in the Site

Find out more about Video on Demand

Network UnionActive Websites For Even More Power

The true power of UnionActive is the ability to network UnionActive based websites together, forming an even larger communication network.

* Send broadcast emails to every registered member
in the network of websites

* Download a database of all registered network website members

* Display news feeds that contain current news
from all websites in the network

* View websites in the network

* Special discount pricing for websites that join your network
(up to 50% off the setup prices!)

Learn more about UnionActive networks

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