• Remote Computer Support & Union IT Service
    Updated On: Jan 28, 2014

    Remote Desktop, Mobile, and Server Support

    We can provide remote support for all of your computer and mobile device needs. Our Union IT specialists can remotely diagnose and fix many computer issues via a remote control session. We can:

    • Diagnose and fix slow computer performance issues
    • Perform virus and spyware scanning and removal
    • Setup automatic cloud backup for email and files
    • Install and configure software
    • Setup and configure email programs
    • Perform security audits
    • Monitor/configure in-house servers
    • And much more

    Initial computer diagnostic session: $50 / device
    For this simple fee we can start a remote session with a computer or device, fix performance issues, scan it for viruses and spyware, diagnose any issues, and provide recommendations or a direct quote to repair the device.

    Remote service sessions: $75 / hour
    For cases where we will provide repair or service for a device after the initial diagnosis we offer remote service sessions. In a service session we can fix most issues, install software, remove viruses and spyware, configure programs, and much more. We are very fast at what we do and can also provide firm quotes to fix a particular issue.

    Have a computer issue you are concerned about? Need Union IT support for your office? Contact us today to get started or request a remote session.

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