Data Manager / Advanced Online Form Builder
Updated On: Aug 02, 2023

The Data Manager is a powerful database creator and online form builder with a ton of great features.

Use the Data Manager to create and manage databases of any kind like important contact databases, phone call records, contractor and employer databases, staff lists, or anything else you can think of.

Use the Data Manager to setup powerful online forms for collecting information like membership authorization forms, event RSVP forms, survey forms, signature forms, or any other type of form. View, edit, export, and download records as PDF's in a central area with advanced searching and sorting capabilities. Advanced features include allowing users to manage their own submission records, linking database sets with each other, and much more!

Manage databases and online forms all in one central location

The Data Manager features built-in templates to setup forms and deploy them quickly

Create a data group from a form template then customize the form by editing the fields. Click the links below to view each built-in form template.

Basic Form

Event RSVP Form

Survey Form

Re-Sign Form

Expense Report Form With Calculations

Reimbursement Form (3 line item columns)

Reimbursement Form  (5 line item columns)

Membership Card Authorization

Workplace Violation

D.R.I.V.E. Form

Beneficiary Database

Contact or Contractor Database

Phone Call Database

Or start with an empty form and add fields yourself with a simple form

Create text input and multi-line text fields, date fields, drop down select menus, check boxes, signature fields, and much more. Add file upload fields that allow users to upload important documents. Label the fields as you want, control the formatting, and set a variety of options to enhance the database and form.

Create professional online forms quickly with formatting, error checking, and automatic PDF generation for all records. The PDF layout matches the online form exactly.

Send automatic notifications to the admin and user after submission and include a document with the notification. Each submission includes an automatically generated PDF with the form submission data.

Once records are saved you can edit and download the records at any time. Export a spreadsheet of records or download a PDF of individual records. Or view records directly in the management area.

Powerful Messaging Options

  If a data group includes an email field the Data Manager allows you to search for a specific list of records and send a broadcast email to those results. Or send to all record email addresses at once. Short Code Messaging is also built-in. If you have a Short Code Messaging package and the data group includes a cell phone field you can send broadcast short code text messages to those records.

Display data groups in a viewing page with searching, viewing, and PDF options

Require login or allow public viewing. Allow logged in users to view their own submissions. You can even allow logged in users to edit their own submissions.

Built-in Statistics and Graphs for Survey Forms

If the data group from includes select menus with set options you can view graphs of the submission results. This is a great option for viewing the results of a survey form or getting a quick view of percentages of selections in those select menus.

Data Manager Cost

Data Manager service requires an Advanced package UnionActive site at the current monthly retail hosting cost.


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